Magnessence is the ultimate supplement. It covers all vitamin and mineral daily requirements and is packed with plant extracts in its unique 39-ingredient formula, including turmeric, resveratrol, chlorella, astragalus, alfalfa and beetroot


MAGNESSENCE® is the ultimate supplement, a true all-rounder that covers the full spectrum of your daily vitamin and mineral requirements PLUS it also contains amino acids and plant extracts in its pioneering 39-nutrient formulation to deliver outstanding support that leaves other supplements in the shade. Consistent use offers benefits that include peak vitality, healthy hair, skin and nails, hormonal balance, brain health, heart health, psychological balance, structural strength, reproductive health, immune resilience and maximum antioxidant capacity.

MAGNESSENCE® is a 39-ingredient multi-nutrient that provides a solid foundation of support to cover all bases. Add to MAGNESSENCE® the supplements from our range that best target your unique requirements at any time.

  • weight loss supplement


    BODYBLISS® is a vegan supplement that supports a strong, healthy metabolism and stable blood sugar levels. It contains 16 active nutrients, including Chromium, Niacin and Magnesium to make attaining and sustaining optimum weight healthier and easier.

  • brain health mental performance nootropic


    LASER FOCUS is your invisible ally for optimum brain health. It contains 23 vitamins, minerals, amino acids and botanicals with proven brain health benefits to support mental performance, nervous system balance, cognitive and psychological function.

  • immune boosting supplement


    IMMUNE SHIELD contains 19 immune-boosting ingredients, including critical vitamins such as Vitamin D3 and VItamin C and essential minerals such as Zinc and Selenium, plus a host of potent botanicals, such as Quercetin, Propolis, Astaxanthin and Astragalus.


    Wake up energised and balanced. DEEP SLEEP contains a unique 11-nutrient formulation of amino acids, botanicals, vitamins and minerals, such as Montmorency Chery, Glycine, 5-HTP, vitamin D3 and Magnesium to reduce tiredness and fatigue.


Science + Nature

FIREBIRD® combines potent natural ingredients with the latest scientific research to create products that are powerfully effective, working in harmony with your body to achieve optimum health.

FIREBIRD® delivers real benefits 24/7, so that you can feel your absolute best– strong, healthy, energised and beautiful – wherever you are, whatever you are doing.

FIREBIRD® represents a small investment in your wellbeing that gives big, often life-changing returns. By supporting all your health needs, FIREBIRD® products help you to rise up to the challenges and opportunities life brings.

Tailor your nutrition to your specific needs with FIREBIRD®.


We Are Committed to the Health of Your Body and to the Health of Our Planet

FIREBIRD® supplements contain only active, well-researched and substantiated ingredients with none of the synthetic additives, such as binders, anti-caking agents, flow agents, coatings, preservatives, colourings and none of the GMOs contained in other supplements.

FIREBIRD® products are made and tested in the UK in a GMP-certified facility, powered by renewable energy.

FIREBIRD® Foundation
  • Rachel Singer Clark (Makeup Artist)

    Cannot live without taking my Firebird health supplements each morning. No other tablet is more important for making sure my health is balanced accordingly and I am gaining all the vitamins and nutrients needed when I'm on the go constantly.

  • Janine

    I have been taking FIREBIRD products for a while now and I have never felt better! My advice to anyone reading this is: only take FIREBIRD supplements, it is by far the best supplement brand I have ever come across.

  • Jo

    I have had amazing results with Firebird. I haven't caught a cold this year and I have noticed that I have more energy and feel stronger since taking these supplements. Also The BODYBLISS Protocol is amazing and has helped me reach my ideal weight and keep it with no effort at all.

  • Claudia

    I am truly mind-blown over the results I have been having by taking the MAGNESSENCE pills. It’s very difficult to find a balanced combo of all vitamins necessary for our system along with all the natural unfindable resources that MAGNESSENCE has beautifully put for us all in 1 tiny bottle.

  • Joanna

    I have only been taking BODYBLISS for 3 weeks but really have noticed a difference. Usually before my period my cravings are off the scale but this month I didn’t have any at all. I also noticed increased energy and stamina during my regular exercise sessions, Bodybliss is the only change I’ve made so it is almost certainly that.

  • Jenny

    I’m delighted that I discovered Firebird! Magnessence is making me look and feel so good! It has made a visible difference to my skin, hair and nails and I feel so healthy and full of energy! I’ve even started to work out again which is a miracle as I haven’t been to the gym in years, despite wanting to, I was always so tired. Not any more though.

  • John

    My recent blood tests revealed what I have been seeing and feeling since I started taking Magnessence and Bodybliss on a daily basis, and that is that I am now in excellent health. All my markers are perfect and my doctor is amazed.

  • Maria

    I haven't felt this strong and healthy in years. These supplements are really amazing for my energy levels, for my skin and hair, for my strength and stamina. I feel years younger and they've really affected my mood too. Really amazing products.

  • Chris

    This is just what I've been looking for (MAGNESSENCE). A high quality multi-vitamin to keep all bases covered along with loads of herbal ingredients I used to take separately before. So happy!

Born of Science and Passion. Formulated for Real Lives.

FIREBIRD® was founded by Cambridge University alumna and multi-award-winning supplement and skincare formulator, Sara Palmer Hussey PhD. An experienced expert in the fields of natural health, nutrition, ageing and weight management, Sara is passionate about delivering effective, well-researched and best-of-class products that are simple to integrate into your daily routine and make a real positive difference. Her perspective marries the rigour of scientific research with a strong belief in the intelligence and healing power of nature.

“The right scientifically-calibrated, targeted nutrition can fortify your body’s defences, upgrade regenerative processes and harness the body’s natural healing potential to help attain and maintain your best health.”

Sara Palmer Hussey PhD