Here at FIREBIRD® we are all about the power and beauty of nature. We like to support regenerative agricultural practices as a solution for safeguarding the health of our soils, the food we eat and consequently our own health. Healthy soil is our source of key nutrients. We largely need supplements now because of how depleted of nutrition our soils have become. Soil is also a major carbon sink. By restoring the health of our soils, excess atmospheric CO2 can be drawn back down into the soil where it belongs through photosynthesis.

This year we chose to support the Soil Association, a UK charity focused on healthy, humane and sustainable food, farming and land use. Find out more about their work and how you too can help here


For the third year running, we also supported Save A Child's Heart, an international humanitarian charity that provides life-saving heart treatment and follow-up care for children from developing countries that do not have adequate access to care in their own countries. Since opening in 1995, Save A Child's Heart has treated almost 6,000 children suffering from heart disease. Save A Child's Heart aims to save a life every 24 hours by taking expert cardiologists and their teams to developing countries to perform surgery and catheterization, conduct clinics to evaluate children pre- and post-surgery, and provide on-site training with local partner pediatric cardiac teams.

save a child's heart

Visit the Save A Child's Heart website to learn more about their work and how you too can help.

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