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The BODYBLISS Protocol is a weight plan that will free you forever from the miserable cycle of dieting. It is the only system you will ever need in order to effortlessly attain and maintain your ideal weight. It provides easy-to-follow steps that cover all the factors involved in successful weight management from when to eat, why you eat and what to eat to how to strengthen your metabolism so that you will never have to weight-watch or count calories again.

This book will help you naturally reprogram your body and your mind so that weight is no longer an issue for you and you can refocus your life around the things that really matter. Through the steps laid out in this book, your body and mind will go from being enemies that continually thwart your best intentions, to being your strongest allies in your journey towards achieving your goals. The BODYBLISS Protocol will not only free you from the struggle with weight issues, it will also help you move with ease towards optimum health, wellbeing and happiness.

Sara Palmer Hussey PhD is a Cambridge University graduate and the multi award-winning creator of successful supplement brands Firebird Nutraceuticals and Lumity Life. A specialist in the fields of ageing, weight management and natural health, she is passionate about delivering effective, well-researched and innovative wellness products that are simple to integrate into your daily routine and she is driven to make optimum health more accessible to all through easy-to-implement, game-changing strategies.

The BODYBLISS Protocol is the result of many years of research into weight management inspired by the global obesity epidemic, the wholesale failure of historical methods of addressing this growing issue and the strong desire to formulate a fun and easy protocol that effectively liberates us forever from the psychological and physical burden of excess weight.

Enjoy the journey!

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