Firebird® 2020 Challenge

Firebird® 2020 Challenge

Our Firebird® Challenge 2020 is complete and we are over the moon with the results.

Participants of the challenge took either Bodybliss® or Magnessence® or both for 3 months and then reported back on their experience.

Of the participants on the Bodybliss® challenge:

  • 100% experienced increased energy levels
  • 95% experienced more balanced eating habits with fewer cravings, more stable blood sugar levels and fewer episodes of comfort eating
  • 93% were closer to their ideal weight
  • 90% had more body confidence
  • 88% experienced more regular toilet habits and less bloating
  • 75% had a greater desire to exercise
  • 100% would recommend Bodybliss® to friends

Participants lost an average of 6 kilograms, 6cm off their waist measurements, 9cm off hips and 4cm off thighs.

Of the participants on the Magnessence® challenge:

  • 93% experienced increased energy levels
  • 91% experienced improved immune resilience
  • 90% experienced reduced brain fog with better concentration and memory recall
  • 90% noticed significant improvements in skin, nail and hair health
  • 90% felt more upbeat with a greater feeling of mental strength and wellbeing
  • 100% would recommend Magnessence® to friends

Here are a few comments from our participants:

About Bodybliss®:

"The best weight loss supplement I have ever used. It feels healthy and makes me feel stronger."

"I definitely feel fuller after meals and for a longer period of time, which is fantastic. I hardly ever have cravings now." 

"Bodybliss has clearly lessened my appetite and the combo with Magnessence gives me strength and energy to exercise and have healthier eating habits, leading me to make the right food choices and I feel great. Am very pleased with my results."

"I really have noticed a difference. Usually before my period my cravings are off the scale but this month I really didn’t have the same cravings. I didn’t at first equate it with the Bodybliss but then I noticed increased stamina during my regular exercise sessions and started wondering what was happening. Taking Bodybliss is the only change I’ve made so it is almost certainly that."

About Magnessence®:

"I feel more energized, my ‘brain fog’ seems to be clearing and my skin looks clearer. I also feel less stressed and more relaxed."

"This supplement has the best formulation ever. It covers everything I need. 5-star product."

"I feel I am sleeping much better, worrying less and my head seems a little bit clearer."

Our participants also gave us information about their main wellness concerns and the kind of supplements they’d like us to develop. Top of the list was a targeted support for brain fog to help with focus, mental stress and overwhelm. A close second was a supplement for women’s hormonal balance and a specific high-strength immune support. Sleep, stress and skin health also got top billing.

We’d like to thank everyone who took part. Your input will shape the future of Firebird®

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