What is Time-Restricted Feeding (TRF) and how can it help you achieve your weight goals?

What is Time-Restricted Feeding (TRF) and how can it help you achieve your weight goals?

The first pillar of the Bodybliss Protocol is timing. The prioritisation of timing is based on the belief that when you eat can be more - or at least just as - important as what you eat.


We usually alternate periods of feeding with periods of fasting in a 24-hour period. The fasting period includes time spent asleep. If the feeding window regularly overruns 12 hours, the body spends more time focused on digestion than on repair and renewal, which can result in health issues and weight gain. As the feeding window is reduced below 12 hours, benefits accrue ranging from easier weight management to the prevention and enhanced treatment of diseases.


Why is when you eat as important as what you eat?

The body functions on a circadian rhythm, which primes certain biological processes to be active and optimised during the day and others at night. Eating should be reserved for the daytime when our body is geared up to digest, assimilate and transform food into energy. If we can keep all our eating within a 12-hour time slot that covers the day, we are then allowing our bodies to concentrate on repair and renewal at night rather than still being caught up in digestion, causing damage to accumulate.


Being aware of the timing of your meals is a very easy first step towards effortless weight management. All that is required is an eye on the time.


Putting it into practice

In order to apply this step today, you will need to ask yourself a simple question: At what time did I first eat after waking up?


Once you have this time, add 12 hours to it and you’ll have your maximum time-slot for eating all meals. From now on, try keeping any eating and drinking (except water) within a maximum time frame of 12 hours. So, if you have your breakfast at 7am, try finishing your last meal by 7pm. As often as possible, make sure you complete your last meal a few hours before bedtime.


Respecting this 12-hour time-slot is beneficial for weight loss as it works in harmony with the body’s circadian rhythm. By living in harmony with your body’s circadian rhythm, you will be allowing your body to move towards greater health, efficiency and balance. By so doing, your body will support your desire to be in great shape and work with you in your efforts rather than thwarting your best intentions.


How is Time-Restricted Feeding different to Intermittent Fasting?

Intermittent fasting (IF) usually involves alternating periods of ‘normal’ eating with periods of fasting or low caloric intake. The most common approach to intermittent fasting is the 5:2 method, which involves eating normally for 5 days a week and fasting or reducing caloric intake significantly (usually by at least 50%) for 2 days a week. Both TRF and IF have many health benefits, including easier weight management.


Why is fasting a good thing?

Whether you fast for 12 hours, 24 hours, 48 hours or more, certain processes in the body that promote optimum health are upgraded.


Firstly, fasting causes your body to enter ketosis, a metabolic change that occurs when glucose reserves from sugars and carbohydrates are used up and the body starts converting fat into ketones to use for fuel instead of glucose. This metabolic shift, accompanied by a fall-off in insulin, promotes fat mobilisation.


Fasting also activates a process known as autophagy, in which old, damaged or harmful cellular components are disposed of so that they do not cause problems within cells, to neighbouring cells or provoke inflammation.


How does TRF compare to Ayurvedic practices?

Ayurveda is deeply respectful of the body’s cycles. In relation to eating, Ayurvedic medicine recommends eating our primary meal around midday when our digestive fire (fuelled by the dosha pitta) is at its strongest. It also strongly discourages eating late in the evening as it is considered deeply disruptive to healthy balance.



TRF is a very low-commitment effort that reaps big rewards in terms of easier weight management, better sleep, a more efficient metabolism, sustained energy levels and better overall health. A nutritious metabolic support, such as BODYBLISS®, together with TRF makes a very easy first step towards attaining and sustaining a healthy weight.

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