The BODYBLISS Protocol

The BODYBLISS Protocol

The BODYBLISS Protocol launches on 10th June 2020 and will totally revolutionise the way you approach weight control. Its author, Sara Palmer Hussey PhD, is a Cambridge University graduate and the multi award-winning creator of successful supplement brands Firebird Nutraceuticals and Lumity Life. A specialist in the fields of ageing, weight management and natural health, she is passionate about delivering effective, well-researched and innovative wellness products.

The BODYBLISS Protocol is the result of many years of research into weight management, inspired by the failure of current methods to effectively address the obesity epidemic in developed countries, and the strong desire to formulate a fun and easy protocol that successfully liberates us forever from the psychological and physical burden of excess weight.

Sara says: "The BODYBLISS Protocol will help you naturally reprogram your body and mind so that weight is no longer an issue for you and you can refocus your life instead around the things that really matter."

"Through the steps laid out in this book, you will not only free yourself from the struggle with weight issues, you will also move with ease towards optimum health, wellbeing and happiness."

"The BODYBLISS Protocol represents a peace treaty with the body that will free you forever from the miserable cycle of dieting. It offers easy-to-follow techniques to undo the damage of years of yo-yo eating habits and get your body and mind on side, so that you can effortlessly attain and maintain your ideal weight."

The book goes into detail about all the processes involved in weight management and how a unilateral focus on diet can be counterproductive to living our healthiest lives at our ideal weight. It shifts the spotlight off dieting and onto the 4 pillars of successful weight management that make up the protocol:

TIMING – because when you eat is just as important as what you eat. By synchronising your lifestyle with your circadian rhythm you can maximise your body’s metabolic efficiency, optimise your hormonal balance and minimise the effects of stress to achieve your ideal weight and optimum health.

MINDSET – because why you eat can be the biggest factor sabotaging your weight goals. Other diet plans make you rely on your willpower to keep hunger and cravings in check, but, through an understanding of both the physiological and psychological aspects of hunger, The BODYBLISS Protocol gets your body and mind working for you rather than thwarting your best intentions.

NUTRITION – because when you stop counting calories and make peace with your body, you will naturally choose the most nutritious options to sustain your best health. There are no prohibited foods on The BODYBLISS Protocol; instead you will learn how to become one of those annoying people who can enjoy eating whatever they please, wine and chocolate included.

METABOLISM – because a strong metabolism makes weight control effortless. The BODYBLISS Protocol helps you reset and strengthen your metabolism so that you will never have to weight-watch or count calories again. You will learn the easy and effective techniques to boost your energy levels and get fit and strong effortlessly.

The BODYBLISS Protocol Journal is a companion to The BODYBLISS Protocol. It helps you to put into practice all the strategies you have learnt in The BODYBLISS Protocol until they become second nature and it tracks your progress towards your ideal weight, best health ever and the life of your dreams.

Enjoy the journey!

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